Dog trainers course reviews

The course is well designed and it’s clear from the get-go that a good deal of thought went into it. The reading material is carefully selected to prepare the student for the challenges presented in the course, and Philip does a great job filling in the gaps. What’s more, he has a way of guiding the student to workable solutions without simply giving the answers. You’ll learn to approach each scenario from different angles. If one approach does not work, you’ll develop the tools to quickly come up with an alternative.


Philip wants you to learn and to succeed. He’s flexible and demonstrated a willingness to adjust to individual circumstances and needs.
Perhaps what we appreciated the most is the emphasis on helping the dog. It isn’t about making the owner happy, although that is ultimately going to be the result if the owner follows the instructions and advice you’ll learn to provide. Instead the focus is on becoming the dog’s advocate and acting in their best interest. (Nancy & Mark, Canada)


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